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This is the homepage of Dave Bealer - mainframe systems programmer, personal computer fanatic, homeowner, cat ownee, and former super-heavyweight sumo wrestler. Just kidding. I don't program mainframes all that much any more.

Dave also happens to be a world-class procrastinator. He'll get around to fixing up this page some more eventually.

Okay. What Is Here, Then?

Who is this clown, anyway? Read Dave's Bio.

Read some of Dave's random scribblings.

Check out the lists of Dave's favorite things.

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(Dave's image has been known to break camera lenses and computer screens.
Go to this page at your own risk!)

Check out the home page of Rusty, Dave's pet cat.

Check out Dave's original web project, Random Access Humor.
RAH has been the world's best hypertext humor magazine since 1996.

Keep an eye out for Dave's newest projects, Just4yucks.com.
Just4yucks.com, sells 200+ humorous designs on t-shirts, mouse pads, coasters, buttons, magnets, etc.

MarylandTees.com, sells humorous Maryland-themed t-shirts, mouse pads, etc.


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